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I'm an Animator and Artist with a love for tech innovation, 3D software and real time technology. I currently work at ESPN as a full time Animator within their Creative Studio in Bristol, Connecticut. My top skills include Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, After Effects, and Autodesk Maya. I enjoy creative challenges and push my work beyond the foundational level to create emotional and eye-catching material for shows, animations, live games, and my personal art. I am 27 years old and graduated from the Los Angeles Film School with Honors earning a Bachelor's Degree in Animation & Visual Effects in 2022.


When I'm not working I'm probably dancing, creating music, immersing myself in nature or drawing lots of squiggly lines. My happy place is wherever I'm surrounded by loved ones (along with all of their animals). I hope to have a Dachshund one day.... 

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