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MADDIE GOLDBERG is an Animator and Artist with a love for tech innovation and 3D software. She currently works at ESPN as a full time Animator within their Creative Studio. Skilled in Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, After Effects, Photoshop, and Autodesk Maya, Maddie takes her work leaps and bounds beyond the foundational level to create emotional and eye-catching material for commercials, TV spots, and her personal art. Maddie graduated from the Los Angeles Film School with honors earning a Bachelor's Degree in Animation & Visual Effects in 2022, and is a Miss Porters 2016 Alumna where she earned the Head's Award in her final year.


RECENT TECHNICAL EXPLORATIONS include texturing and rendering Unreal Virtual Sets for ESPN's live shows, Generative Ai Implementations for creative work and planning, and Helix Core + Unreal Engine operation via Perforce. Maddie is progressively gaining a thorough understanding of the way projects flow from team member to team member to officiantly create something magical and entertaining at ESPN. 

For my 2023 Portfolio!
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